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A dedicated nail salon in Katy, Texas, that provides exceptional services to our clients.


The #1 family-owned provider for salon services, we place our clientele first.


With over 20 years of experience in providing nail and waxing services, we offer only our best performance.


A highly professional and inclusive space, every visit is sure to be an experience.


Commitment to star performance ensures that our clients receive top quality services.



Katy, Texas

Kicking off October with a very special Breast Cancer Awareness Month Giveaway

We have partnered with some of our favorite local vendors and influencers to give away Spa at Home gift boxes to the many strong women battling this disease. Due to the pandemic and/or health concerns, many women receiving treatment are not able to get their nails taken care of, so we are sending the spa to them With a Spa at Home Box! More info...